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Here’s some of what we were up to in January:

Fun at preschool


Jonathan went to Salt Lake for work and made a glass project with his team

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End of January

Here’s a little more of what we were up to at the end of January:

Ballet season started for Layla. It’s her first year of tap and they are doing a recital to “When I’m Older” from Frozen II.

At the park

Sometimes Avery and Layla like to run home while Kieron and Silas ride their bikes. Layla keeps up pretty well!

Swimming lessons for our little mermaid

Basketball season wound down for Silas

Yoshi & Suki keeping watch

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Jonathan took the kids skiing in January. Layla was beyond excited, and apparently fearless on the bunny hill. Silas was an old pro, and ready to move on to more advanced stuff with Kieron.

Getting the gear ready

A couple days later Jonathan took Kieron and Silas up. They had a great time riding the lift and bombing down!


While the middle two went skiing, I took my bookends to Bellevue Square. They had fun filling up on candy at The Sweet Factory.

A stop at the pet store to pick up essentials. I remember looking at fish just like this with Uncle Scott when I was little.

Avery helped Layla put together a Lego Friends set we picked out at Target

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Snow Days

A week-and-a-half after winter break ended we got hit with a big snow storm. Of course it came at the beginning of the week. The kids had two snow days followed by a day back at school. We chose to keep Avery home from middle school after I called to ask about road conditions in Fall City and decided it wasn’t worth the risk to send him. Poor Kieron and Silas were fit to be tied and didn’t understand why they still had to go to school down the street.  It turned out about half the other middle and high school parents decided the same thing, many of whom called the school district complaining about the decision to keep school open (poor district can’t win). Anyway, they got the message and school was closed Thursday and Friday.

We had a lot of fun sledding, building forts and igloos, and eating snow ice cream. I have to say, this was the best snow break yet, largely in part because our youngest is 3 1/2 and I’m not pregnant, which means we can ALL actually get out and play!

A little sledding injury from the Snoqualmie Community Park

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