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1st Baby Shower + 1st Resturaunt

Yesterday Lindsey, Avery, and I drove up to Everett to attend a baby shower, and then we took Avery to a restaurant for the first time. We’re starting to feel more comfortable taking him on trips in the car. He pretty much sleeps the entire time we’re driving. Changing diapers and feeding Avery in the van is pretty easy too.
The baby shower was for Renee, my college roommates wife. She’s expecting a little boy later in May. She definitely has the pregnancy glow going on.

Here is Mommy + Avery outside of The Flying Pig Brewing Company.

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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

Today was take your kid to work day. Avery still has a few years before he’s ready to start programming web applications with me, but he still managed to sit in my office chair long enough to pose for a picture.

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Road Trip to Bellingham

Aside from a couple doctor visits and trips to the grocery store, we haven’t really taken Avery more than about fifteen minutes from home. Today as Avery turned one month old we made our first big trip in the car to attend a 1st birthday party for Bjorn. The trip was a success and we had a great time visiting with friends and watching Bjorn and his parents celebrate. We even managed to stop by Mallard Ice Cream Shop before heading home this evening.
Here’s Bjorn enjoying his cake.

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The Drunkles Visit

On Saturday we had Joe, Jake, and Joe’s girlfriend, Ashlee, come up to visit from Vancouver. Joe and Jake are high school buddies of mine, and they’re also Avery’s “Drunkles,” which basically means they’re good friends who like to drink beer with Avery’s Dad.
Jake, Jono, Joe, and Avery.

Avery and Daddy.

Avery and Daddy both enjoy a bottle.

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Four Weeks Old

The weeks continue to slip by and now Avery is four weeks old. Parenthood is going well for both Lindsey and I. We’ve been getting three to four our stretches of sleep in between diapers and feeding Avery. Based on the stories we’ve heard from some of our friends “we’ve got a pretty good baby.”
Lately I’ve been having fun taking fisheye pictures of Avery.

I love the mischievous look on his face. Just out of the bath.

Spending time on Mommies shoulder.

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