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8 Months Old

On Sunday we took Avery to Washington Park in Seattle. He went on a swing for the first time. He was also kind enough to pose for some eight-month pictures with his parents. Here are our faves.

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Thanksgiving 2007

We had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. In addition to having our baby boy at the table this year, Nana & Grandpa King, Uncle Scott, Aunt Manivanh, and cousin Nicole joined us. Avery tried some turkey but didn’t seem to enjoy it. Maybe next year.
Avery stands and reaches through the banister for Commodus’ bone.

The bird.

I heart Daddy, but not his turkey.

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Avery Pulls Up

Naps usually start with a few minutes of fussing before Avery settles into a slumber. This afternoon the crying persisted. When we went to peek in on him we found an unhappy little boy sitting up on his knees, clinging to the crib rail. After the photo-op Lindsey plucked him out of the crib, and I proceeded to lower the mattress. The top rail will be a little harder to reach for a while.
I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to find Avery in such a predicament. He’s also been trying to climb up the stairs. He reaches with his arms and pulls himself up, but hasn’t figured out how to boost himself onto the first step yet. Instead he bounces on his knees in an effort to propel himself. It’s very entertaining to watch.
Help! I’m up and I can’t get down!

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Older than You

Tonight two college-age girls knocked at the door. They explained that they were decorators working in the area and were selling large pieces of art. I was about to tell them we weren’t interested when they asked if “my mom might be interested.”

Umm yeah. I’m old. And my mom doesn’t live here. But my wife does. Of course she’d probably love to look at your paintings, but then she’d probably end up getting attached to one of them and then we’d have to buy it.

I smirked and told the girls we weren’t interested.

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Avery Types

I wonder if Avery will take after his ultra-geeky, software engineering, always-on-the-computer-Daddy? So far it looks like he enjoys typing on (and tasting) the keyboard. I was telling Lindsey how this keyboard was one of my favorites. It held up through many late-night college programming assignments, and even lasted a few years beyond college. Eventually it wore out and was stashed in the closet until the other day when it became Avery’s toy. I think he likes it.
When Avery’s not typing he’s been busy:

  • Slithering around (still)
  • Going to playgroup with Mommy
  • Trying to catch Commodus
  • Eating lots of food
  • Exploring everything
  • Splashing in the bath

avery typing
avery typing with Commodus
eating the keyboard
being cute with Mommy
teeth top and bottom
Commodus curled up

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