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Eight Weeks Old

Tummy time on the Boppy pillow.

Day dreaming.

The boys.

Slow-shutter, fisheye, magic — groovy.

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Seven Weeks Old

On Thursday Avery was seven weeks old. As usual we took a few pictures. He’s turning into quite the little model.
Avery + Mommy.

Smiling at us.

Avery + Mommy again.

Avery + Mommy + Commodus.

Checking each other out.

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The Simple Life

Commodus has been a good sport about having a little brother that consumes almost all of his parents attention. I think for the most part he understands why the baby is the center of our world. Though, sometimes when you look at his face you’d think he lost his only friend.
Yesterday evening I finished building the side gates, so Commodus got to explore the backyard, sans his leash, for the first time. Hopefully he enjoys his new privilege.
Here’s a picture I took of Commodus as he snoozed under my office chair yesterday.

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Surprise Visitor from New Zealand

On Saturday my parents arrived for a visit. A couple minutes later there was a second knock at the door. I went to open the door thinking my sister was arriving, but instead I found my Nana standing on the porch. It was a great surprise. Nana is from Christchurch New Zealand, and the last time Lindsey and I saw her was during our trip to New Zealand in 2005.
Holding her great grandson, Avery.

Checking out the nursery.

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Six Weeks Old

Avery was six weeks old on Thursday. The last couple weeks have been fun, and also challenging at times. The fun part is Avery is really starting to smile at Lindsey and I. He also is very interested in his surroundings.
One of his favorite things to look at is the blinds. The blinds are white and with light shinning through them they’re very contrasty — exactly what babies can see best. The difficult part is that sometimes while Avery is eating he gets distracted by the blinds, or other things in the room. He also has a tendency to get fussy in the evenings, which is common in babies this age.
Avery is definitely growing fast. He’s almost grown out of his first size of clothes (and diapers). Yesterday we dressed him up in a couple special outfits.
This first outfit was knitted by “Old Nana” in New Zealand. I think Old Nana intended for it to be worn with pants, but Lindsey forgot to put those on.

Next up was an outfit that I wore as a baby.

After a few minutes Avery got tired of playing dress up…

..and then he let us know that he meant business.

But once Mommy picked him up and let him look at the blinds again he settled down.

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