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Bainbridge Island

Avery has been asking about ferry boats for a while, and we knew he’d love to go on one. So for one of our last weekends without a second child we caught a ferry out to Bainbridge Island for the day. It was cold and windy on the ferry ride, but that didn’t matter to Avery. He loved running around the deck and pointing out all the other sailboats.
Out on Bainbridge we went to Fort Ward State Park and took a walk. It’s an old military installation where they looked out for Japanese submarines (which never arrived). It’s one of the last waterways before you reach Bremerton.
We had some lunch in town and then stopped at Pegasus Coffee House. We met a nice old lady who lived on Bainbridge for 50 years. She had four grown sons and they still live on the island too. Finally we visited a huge playground before making the ferry trip home.

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3 Years Old

Avery turned three today. We celebrated by taking him to the Seattle Science Center, something he’s been asking to do for a while. The last time we went he was about a year-and-a-half old. He wasn’t so keen on the dinosaur exhibit as it was a bit too realistic. He loved the butterflies and the water cannons outside. After the museum we wandered around under the “Space Noodle” and then stopped by Cupcake Royale for a celebratory treat.

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3rd Birthday Party

We had a little party for Avery’s 3rd birthday. Four of his friends came to help celebrate along with our friends and family. The night before the party our oven broke so we had ginormous Costco cupcakes instead. I’m sure the other parents we’re appreciative of the extra sugar we dispensed to the kids 😉
We had a great time celebrating and visiting with everyone. Avery really enjoyed his presents this year. He’s getting pretty good at opening them.

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Bump Shoot

We took these a couple weeks ago when Lindsey was 29 weeks pregnant. It was a weeknight after work and we went to the field near our house where we did bump pictures with Avery. We were hoping to get some more cute photos with Avery in them, but he was tuckered out and uncooperative. We’ll have to try again earlier in the day.

Kisses for Mommy.

Kisses for baby brother.

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First Post for 2010

With March quickly approaching we’d better get our first blog entry for 2010 out of the way. I guess we’ve been busy, though not sure with what. I do remember painting the baby’s nursery – oh by the way did we mention “it’s a boy?” The last time around we posted the sex the day of the ultrasound. Our bad.
Lindsey continues to have a good pregnancy, although Avery doesn’t let her take afternoon naps. All the aches and pains have been a bit more noticeable than what Lindsey recalls from last time, but it’s going by much faster the second time around.
Avery is changing all the time. His vocabulary exploded at some point, and we now have full blown conversations with him. He also has a great memory and frequently changes the subject to discuss events that happened in the past. He’s fun to talk to.
Here are some pictures from the past few months:
Hugs for my little brother.

Deep in thought.

Avery was supposed to be sleeping, but we caught him reading a book about being a big brother.

At his winter preschool performance. His class represented Japan.

At the boat show/heaven.

Float plane at the boat show.

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