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Snow Pug

Today at lunch I took a walk with Lindsey and Commodus in the snow. We went down the trail near our house. Somehow Commodus managed to get some snow on his back, which he promptly shook off. This time next year we’ll be taking our son for a walk in the snow. I can’t wait!

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Commodus Goes to See Santa

Today, while the power was out, we took Commodus over to see Santa at WagsBelltown. Wags is a doggie daycare in downtown Seattle, and is owned by a friend of ours.
One of my wedding photographer buddies, Ron Henry was taking pictures. I also brought along a camera and got a couple shots.
First we put the antlers on Commodus.

Next we tried putting him up behind Santa.

Commodus was cooperative for a moment, but then he attacked Santa’s beard.

Santa snoozing on the job.

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