One Hundred and Five Tons of Dirt

Today was a pretty exciting day. I got to spend the whole day playing in the dirt with my neighbors. Since we’ve only been living in our new house for a couple months now this was a great opportunity for everyone to spend some time getting to know each other. Along the way we moved a little dirt and drilled a few holes.
Did I mention the dirt? It was rather plentiful today. Almost too much of a good thing. We had five houses split a few truckloads. It ended up being 105 tons of dirt. Seemed like kind of a bit to me. The good news is we didn’t have to deal with wheelbarrows. We all split the cost of an 8,000 pound track loader to reduce the toll on our aging bodies. The neighbors made the grand gesture of letting me run the equipment pretty much all day, which of course made me smile 😉

In true construction worker fashion. Everyone standing around watching one guy do all the hard work. We probably drilled close to 80 of these today. Sure beats using a posthole digger.

Here’s the crew at the end of the day.

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