More Pictures from the Hospital

Lindsey and I came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. We ended up staying three nights, which was great because the nurses had lots of wisdom to share. When we got home Grammy and Papa had the house cleaned and dinner on the stove. We’re lucky to have such a loving and supportive family.
Overall the childbirth experience was incredible. We experienced a range of emotions from excitement to worry to bliss. The 19 hours of labor before the c-section were taxing on both Mommy and I, but made the ending even sweeter. Meeting our son was the best moment of our life.
Here are some of our favorite images from the hospital.
Right after Avery came out the surgeon put him over the curtain so Mommy and I could see him. The moment only lasted a second, and through all the tears this blurry image is pretty much how we remember it.

Avery had a “good set of lungs” according to the doctors. When Lindsey and I heard him crying we both burst into tears as well.

After Avery was dried off and wrapped up they brought him over for Mommy to see him. The neonatologist took my camera and got a few pictures of us together for the first time.

His first bath. Both sets of grandparents and Auntie Ashleigh were in the room with us.

Sporting the universal pink and blue hat they give all babies.

Later in the evening Avery became pretty alert. Here is one of the first pictures where he is wide awake.

Lindsey took this picture of Avery and I at almost 1:00 am. The first, second, and third nights we got very little sleep.

Here he is being peaceful after a meal.

Pretending to be inside Mommy again.

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