Bad Venison!

We found out yesterday that the dog food we’ve been feeding Commodus for the last month has been recalled. The food is a venison and brown rice blend, which the pet store told us “was a higher quality food” compared to what Commodus was eating prior to a month ago. I think this is the first dry dog food that’s been a problem amongst the recent fury of pet food recalls.
So far we don’t think Commodus has been severely impacted by the food, but I took him to the vet this morning just to make sure he’s in good shape. At the vet they collected both a blood and urine sample. We should have the results back in a few days.
[4/20/07 Update] The vet called to let us know that Commodus’ blood and urine were both normal.
Here’s a shot of Commodus sticking his tongue out at Natural Balance Pet Food.

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