Two Weeks Old

Avery was two weeks old on Thursday. We’re starting to get more of a routine going with him, which has earned us four hour stretches of sleep. He’s also starting to have more awake time throughout the day. He continues to be adorable and Lindsey and I are having lots of fun learning all about him.
Lindsey is looking great. It’s hard to tell she had a baby two weeks ago. The doctor gave her the okay to start taking walks again, so last night we had our first trip around the “big block” with Avery. It took us a minute to figure out how the car seat hooked into the stroller, and then we ran into a bunch of neighbors who wanted to meet him. Eventually we made it around the block, and then it was time to eat again.
Kind of puts things in perspective.

First walk with Avery.

Bubble bath in the kitchen sink.

Little feet + bigger feet.

A moment with Mommy.

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