Ten Weeks Old

Avery was ten weeks old yesterday. The time has gone be fast. He smiles at us all the time now, and is especially smiley in the morning. He’s making more sounds, and his voice is louder. If Lindsey or I make a vowel sound Avery will try and repeat the sound back to us. It’s great fun.
Also during this last week he moved out of his bassinet next to our bed and into his crib in the nursery. Lindsey and I have both been sad about not having him next to us, but he sleeps much better with the extra room in crib. The last couple nights after Avery’s gone to bed Lindsey’s said “I wish he would be hungry soon,” because she wants to have him close to her. What a sweet Mommy!
Mommy + Avery. Both smiling.

Daddy + Avery flying.

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