Avery Pulls Up

Naps usually start with a few minutes of fussing before Avery settles into a slumber. This afternoon the crying persisted. When we went to peek in on him we found an unhappy little boy sitting up on his knees, clinging to the crib rail. After the photo-op Lindsey plucked him out of the crib, and I proceeded to lower the mattress. The top rail will be a little harder to reach for a while.
I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to find Avery in such a predicament. He’s also been trying to climb up the stairs. He reaches with his arms and pulls himself up, but hasn’t figured out how to boost himself onto the first step yet. Instead he bounces on his knees in an effort to propel himself. It’s very entertaining to watch.
Help! I’m up and I can’t get down!

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