Avery Types

I wonder if Avery will take after his ultra-geeky, software engineering, always-on-the-computer-Daddy? So far it looks like he enjoys typing on (and tasting) the keyboard. I was telling Lindsey how this keyboard was one of my favorites. It held up through many late-night college programming assignments, and even lasted a few years beyond college. Eventually it wore out and was stashed in the closet until the other day when it became Avery’s toy. I think he likes it.
When Avery’s not typing he’s been busy:

  • Slithering around (still)
  • Going to playgroup with Mommy
  • Trying to catch Commodus
  • Eating lots of food
  • Exploring everything
  • Splashing in the bath

avery typing
avery typing with Commodus
eating the keyboard
being cute with Mommy
teeth top and bottom
Commodus curled up

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