10 Months Old

Avery hit 10 months old last week. His Birthday is coming up fast. Amazing how quick it slips by.
For today’s entry I’m going to use a slightly different format. Normally I write a little bit about what’s happening in our life and then show a few pictures. For this entry I’m going to share the story with each picture.
This first shot was taken in the morning light as Avery was taking a look out the window. Avery isn’t walking yet, but he’s cruising along couches, windowsills, etc. He’s taken interest in the cords on the blinds so part of the morning routine involves raising all the blinds up just out of Avery’s reach.

This past week Avery had a cold. Lindsey and I felt terrible for him, especially for the first day or so when he had a little fever. In this picture we were getting ready to take him for a walk and he didn’t like getting all dressed up. Poor guy.

In this shot he was having a long bath with Mommy. Avery really enjoys being in the bath, and the steam helped with the congestion. Mommy helped him with the hairdo.

The other day Avery was walking back and forth along the empty bathtub trying to reach in and grab his bath toys. Then he turned around and discovered the lever on the toilet. Maybe we can potty train him early?

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