Mr. Personality

The other day Lindsey reminded me that Avery is a dynamic little person. Every day he’s a little bit different, and we parents have to keep up. I’ve been keeping that piece of advice in mind these past few weeks. I can’t quite tell when it happened, but Avery has most definitely turned into a little boy, and his personality is becoming more distinct each day.
He’s a happy, easy-going, little guy and he seems to thrive off making us laugh. He likes to pretend to trip and fall down (sometimes quite dramatically). Each time, with a big grin, he’ll look up at us and say “[I’m] okay,” and get back up. Avery is also very good at playing by himself, and he’ll spend long periods of time concentrating on a detailed task, like lining all his trucks in a row.
Playing trucks in the morning.

Snuggling with Mommy and Commodus.

Dispensing clean laundry from the bed.

Sitting on the dog.

Ice cream at the little table.

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