We had a great visit with Lindsey’s parents in Texas. She and Avery flew out for two weeks, and I joined them the second week. We spent lots of time in the pool, which Avery thoroughly enjoyed. Avery got to go to the Fort Worth zoo, where his favorite animals were the rhinos, elephants, and monkeys. He also donated his hat to the white tigers. During the trip Avery made significant progress with potty training, and has graduated to wearing big boy underwear most of the time. He was a delight to fly with, especially since he now has his own seat. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Crocodile Dundee

Reading the paper

Playing us a song on the piano

We enjoyed many walks to the park

Sometimes Avery got tired and had to ride “on top”

Monkey bars

Lindsey and I took a trip to Austin

We saw a spacecraft in Italy, Texas

Dancing in Daddy’s shoes

Playing with Grammy

Sleeping after a long trip to the zoo

Being a good boy on the plane

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