Mariners Game

Having a two year old is pretty darn fun. Lindsey and I both think it’s our favorite age so far. Avery talks to us all the time, and for the most part he’s a good little boy. It’s also full of lots of new experiences for him, and it’s really neat to watch him learn all about the world around him.
When we brush his teeth at night we let Avery watch a video on YouTube. He really likes watching Bernard the polar bear, and in particular likes the baseball episode.
Anyway, the other day some friends of ours invited us to a Mariners game. It was Avery’s first experience with baseball aside from the polar bear video. Initially he had the impression he and his friend, Jackson, were going to play in the game, but soon he sorted everything out. It was fun to watch Avery take in the experience of being in a massive stadium watching little players down on the field running around.

Trying cotton candy for the first time – not a huge fan

Jackson, Obie, and Lindsay

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