Around the House

Having two kids doesn’t leave much time for blogging. We’ve been chasing after a certain rambunctious three-year-old while feeding/burping/changing his little brother. How do people with three and four kids do it?
Avery is enjoying the good weather. He loves to play in the backyard and has been going on lots of bike rides with Daddy. He also keeps busy inside when it’s raining, and shows an interest in painting and ballet (much to Mommy’s delight).
Kieron is two months old now. He still sleeps a lot and enjoys eating. He’s a sturdy little baby. He’s started to smile at us and loves having ‘conversations’ by cooing back and forth. He’s very active and likes to keep his arms free and kick his legs a lot.
Avery loves tee-ball, and has a pretty solid swing

Sometimes he’s a little lazy though

What should I paint?

Do you like my tutu?

It’s red, like a fire engine

Avery wanted to recreate the movie “Up” here

Riding bikes with Daddy.

Conked out

Replicating an old picture of Avery

The view from Kieron’s crib

A picture of our baby in front of a picture of our baby

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