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Backyard Fun

We’ve had a mild summer this year, but it hasn’t stopped us from taking advantage of what warm days we’ve had. We BBQ and eat dinner in the backyard as often as possible, and when it’s really hot we break out the kiddie pool or turn on the sprinklers. We even managed to fit in a water balloon fight one day. Here are a few pics of our backyard shenanigans.

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Kieron Three Months

It’s hard to believe Kieron is already three-months-old. The bleary-eyed nights of waking every several hours to feed, burp, and change him are behind us. He now puts in a good eight-ten hour stretch at night regularly. His waking hours have increased too, and he’s quite a cheerful little guy, full of laughs, squeaks, and coos. He enjoys playing with his hands and grasping rattles or small stuffed animals.
Kieron is not a fan of tummy time yet, but he’s getting stronger, so it probably won’t be long before he enjoys spending quite a bit of time there. He really loves being held and cuddled though, and would likely prefer to spend all of his time in someone’s arms.

He got three shots at his two-month well baby visit

Dr. Avery looking after his little bro

All smiles

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