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Around the House

The boys are growing up fast. Kieron officially rolled over a few weeks ago, but he doesn’t feel compelled to do it very often. He is still not a fan of tummy time unless one of us is on our tummy in front of him. After a few minutes he’ll start to fuss, but only occasionally will he do something about it and roll onto his back. He loves to stand and jump. If I stand him up on my knees and hold his hands, he’ll jump up and down until my arms wear out. Yesterday he held onto the edge of Avery’s train table by himself for a couple of minutes (I was close by spotting him).

Meanwhile Avery’s vocabulary and personality are growing exponentially. I understand why Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things was popular. I often find that after a conversation with Avery, my cheeks hurt from laughing. He’s a sweetheart too, and is quick to say “I love you” or to tell Kieron “you’re so cute!” or “you’re the best little brother I ever had!”

Here’s a random collection of our favorite photos from around the house over the past month or so:

Kieron loves his jumparoo!

We took down a box in the garage full of my old Barbie things

Avery especially loved playing with the camper van and the elevator

Kieron in the tub

Love his chubby little thighs!

We took some family photos on a crisp fall day

Kieron got crabby pretty quickly, so we got some shots with just Avery

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