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Railroad Days Parade

Snoqualmie celebrates Railroad Days over a weekend in mid-July. That Saturday morning, Jonathan took Avery and Kieron to the annual firefighter’s pancake breakfast at our local fire station. Of course, they loved it.

After that, we all headed out to march in the parade with local politician, Mark Mullet, who is running for State Senate in our district. We were lucky enough to be placed between the Seafair Pirates and the unicycle club. The Pirates had a (very loud) cannon, which they set off probably a dozen times throughout the parade. The boys loved seeing the scalawags, but got pretty tired of their mischief. In the end, Avery got a doubloon from one of them, so it all worked out.

5th District friends, vote for Mark Mullet!

Getting our campaign on

Avery enjoyed getting involved

Arg! The Seafair Pirates

Fire in the hole!

Silas, the youngest campaigner

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Weekend with The Avery’s

In July, Uncle Scott, Aunt Manivanh, Nicole and Andrew moved back to Washington (yay)! They are in Pullman, on the other side of the state, so it’s a few hours away in a car. But we are thrilled to have them back in the beautiful northwest again and are glad we’ll get to see more of them. They came to visit a couple weekends ago. We had a great time, but it passed way too quickly.

The cousins had a terrific time together. On Saturday night, Kieron wisely opted to sleep in his own bed, but Avery, Andrew and Nicole camped out in sleeping bags in Avery’s room. They stayed up talking until almost midnight! Needless to say, they were all quite tired in the morning. On Sunday, Scott and Manivanh went to run some errands in the city and visit friends they hadn’t seen in a while. We took the kids on a nice long walk to a playground, then came back and played in the backyard. We got out the pool, and although not quite as big as Grammy and Papa’s, there was lots of mayhem and laughter.

When Avery went to bed on Sunday, he started to cry. He asked when he would get to see his cousins again and said he really missed them. It was so sweet. He and his brothers are lucky to have cousins close in age and now not so far away. Fortunately, we have a trip to Pullman planned for next month, so he won’t have to wait too long!

Silas, almost five months old

On our walk

Avery the wild thing

Backyard fun

Some random cute shots of Si

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