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Jonathan and took the boys to James’ house for a visit in April. He has a house on some acreage and is preparing the property for his wedding there this coming summer. The boys were thrilled to lend a hand that afternoon. They’re asking when they get to go back!

Machinery, yes!IMG_7570 IMG_7582 IMG_7590 IMG_7597

Kieron in his element.IMG_7601

Another weekend we had 5 yards of bark delivered the house. The boys all helped us spread it around the yard. Kieron was the biggest help. He spread pretty much everything Jonathan dumped in the back yard himself!
IMG_9430 IMG_9434

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Being Tourists

Over spring break we made a couple of trips to Seattle to do some fun and unusual things with the boys. We’ve been wanting to take Avery on an underground tour of Seattle for some time, and knew we had to do it before Layla was born, or it would be another year before we could make it happen. So one afternoon we hired a babysitter for Kieron and Silas, and took Avery on the tour. Here we all are waiting for it to begin.


Avery heading underground

I think he really enjoyed it. I’m sure he will get more out of it in a few years, but it was a pretty fun thing to do together.

Skylights like these were used to bring in natural light to the shops below

Avery checking out the skylights

Here he is making fart noises on the same stage where Ellen Degeneres, Louis CK, and other greats have performed.

A mural of famous Seattleites

Above ground (and on top of a skylight)

At the end of the week, we all headed back to Seattle to go on the Seattle Great Wheel, another outing we’ve been wanting to do that will soon be more difficult with a baby.


The boys were somewhat nervous at first, but loved the view!
IMG_5767 IMG_5773 IMG_5776 IMG_5780 IMG_5782 IMG_5784 IMG_5787  IMG_5923

Then we headed to Volunteer Park. Jonathan photographed a family session for couple whose wedding we photographed a few years back. Meanwhile, the boys and I played around, mostly in these trees. Apparently the boys were in a modeling mood, because they kept asking me to take their pictures. Here are a few cute ones I snapped on my phone.
IMG_9289 IMG_9290 IMG_9291 IMG_9293 IMG_9297 IMG_9304 IMG_9312 IMG_9315 IMG_9317 IMG_9318

The squirrels here were very friendly, I’d say too friendly. I’m pretty sure this little guy would have climbed in our hands if we’d let him.

Bump Shot, I think this was 30 weeks

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We had a fun Easter this year, complete with all the regular festivities and traditions. We enjoyed eggs a la goldenrod and hot crossed buns for breakfast, several egg hunts throughout the day and Easter baskets full of goodies. It rained most of the day, but fortunately it held off until after the big outdoor egg hunt.

Dying eggs with three little boys – yikes! Thank goodness we only did a dozen!

At the Centennial Field Egg hunt
DSC_3303 DSC_3305 DSC_3315

Silas ran into his friend Charlotte

Later the Easter Bunny stopped by our house. It was raining by then, so he snuck inside.

It took Silas a minute to notice this egg on his seat.IMG_9093 IMG_9102  IMG_9108

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St. Patty’s Day Run

The boys did the the St. Patty’s Day Run again this year, and this time all three wanted to participate. Fortunately, we lucked out and got beautiful weather. Last year we weren’t quite so lucky, and were all soaked by the time the 1K was through.

IMG_8970 IMG_8972

I almost got out of running with the boys, but when Kieron realized I was going to cheer from the sidelines, he burst into tears. So Mommy raced too.
IMG_8973 IMG_8975

The boys with their medals!

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What’s New in March

March was a fun month, but it wasn’t all weddings and birthdays. Here’s what we were up to between all the celebrating!

Kieron tried out a soccer class. That’s him in the yellow jacket scoring a goal. He enjoyed it and is considering playing in the fall.

We had some record-breaking high temperatures. Ah, the plus side to climate change. Here we are enjoying the sunshine on a bike ride.

Silas loves chopping food. Here he his dicing fruit for a snack.
DSC_3225 DSC_3227  DSC_3233  DSC_3236

Sunny days call for picnics in the back yard.

And lots of trips to the parksIMG_8909

Jonathan enjoys hopping on this one with the boysIMG_8928

Silas at Lake Sammamish

Here he is trying out the cradle for his baby sister.

Grammy came out and watched the boys while we were in San Francisco. She stayed an extra week to visit. We didn’t get the camera out enough, but did get this cute shot.

Here’s me and Jacqui at the democratic caucus. One of us was “feeling the Bern”, and the other was “with Hillary”.

The boys love playing in this tree fort behind one of the local parks.

So we decided to build our own in the woods behind our house.

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