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Snow Days

It’s been quite a winter here! In mid-February we got a surprise 11 inches of snow. The boys were thrilled when school was cancelled. I think they ended up with 2 1/2 days off that week. Then the following week was mid-winter break (where half the population leaves for California or Hawaii). Ironically, we had no wild weather that week. Then the next Monday we were hit with another surprise blizzard that closed the parkway and left many of our neighbors stranded for hours in their cars. I stopped counting, but we’ve had lots of snow days and late starts this year. We make the most of them, but I am ready for spring!

Building snow forts

Deep snow means snow ice cream at our house!

All bundled up!

Little angels!

Avery’s first driveway.

Playdate with Charlotte

Snow bunny!

Warming up

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Salt Lake City

In early February Jonathan and I flew to Salt Lake City with Layla for his company’s annual spouse dinner. We arrived on a Friday and spent the weekend there. Saturday morning we were having breakfast at a delicious hippie joint when we noticed people passing by with signs we liked. So naturally, we followed them. Pretty soon we were at the Federal Building with a sign in hand marching to the capital in solidarity with refugees.

Jonathan and I have wanted to join in on the protests and marches since, um, November. But when you’re living in the suburbs with a job and four little kids, it is not an easy thing to do. Randomly happening on this march (in a pretty conservative state, no less) was perfect, and incredibly inspiring. There was a huge turnout, everyone was peaceful and civil, there were people of every color and age, and we did not see anger, but fear, love and hope. It was a great experience and we will march again.

We started at the Federal Building

Her first march! After today Layla’s first words may be “No hate, no fear! Refugees are welcome here!”

Descending on the capitol

I liked the Mango Mussolini sign. Another of my favorites was held by a girl of about twelve, which said “if you build a wall my generation will knock it down”

She’s got him wrapped around her finger!

A dinner out with our little girl

Here we are at the spouse dinner. It’s such a fun event and I’m glad Jonathan’s company hosts one each year. It gives me an opportunity to meet and get to know some of the people he works with on a regular basis. I wish Layla’s dress was down, but this was the only picture we got that night, so it will have to do!

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