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Kieron Turns Ten

Kieron celebrated a milestone birthday this year. He turned “double digits” during our little pandemic. I was hopeful things would settle down more in time for his special day, but unfortunately they did not and the stay home order was extended. Fortunately Kieron is a bit of a homebody and all he really wanted to do was open presents and play Fortnite with Avery and his friends. The day also happened to be Mother’s Day this year so there was lots to celebrate. Grammy and Papa came over in the afternoon to visit and wish him a Happy Birthday as well.

At ten, Kieron is sweet, smart, sensitive and strong-willed. He loves cooking, history, reading and riding horses (oh, and playing video games). He doesn’t care for long car rides or writing papers. Kieron is quite content with a couple of close friends and his siblings, to whom he is very loyal. He has a funny sense of humor and loves to joke around. Happy birthday to our darling middle boy. We love you more than you’ll ever know!

Crepes for breakfast


An iPod!

In case you’re wondering what texts between Avery and Kieron look like, here’s a funny screen shot I took during one of my recon missions

Kieron’s class sang him “Happy Birthday” on their Zoom meeting

Eggs ala goldenrod for lunch

Boiled chocolate cake

Last night as a nine year old

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