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Mother’s Day 2021

We got to celebrate all the mother’s this Mother’s Day. Here are pictures from our day with Grammy and Papa and our day with Nana and Frank. The kids helped detail my car and spoiled me with sweet cards.


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Kieron Turns 11!

Kieron turned eleven this year. At eleven, this kid is super sweet, has matured immensely, and is typically pretty mild-mannered and fun to be around. He’s definitely an old soul. Thoughtful, contemplative, loyal, calm and insightful, Kieron still has a super memory, loves to cook, bake and read, and adores animals, although I think it is safe to say he is a cat person. We love him so much!

The Julius Boehem Chocolate Factory opened back up for tours recently, so we knew just how to celebrate our little chef this year. We had a lot of fun touring the local factory, which has been operating since 1942 and moved to Issaquah in 1956. We all really enjoyed sampling the chocolates at the end too!

Breakfast crepes

Luggage from Nana

“What could be in this little box?”


These pics are from later in the week, opening gifts from Grammy and Papa

Butter pecan ice cream cake with a graham cracker crust and caramel topping

The chocolate factory

Avery, Kieron, Luke, Layla, Ethan, Silas & Alex

Back at the house afterwards

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