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Just before school started, we visited Bybee Farms for our annual blueberry picking family outing. We’ve gone each summer since 2009, when Avery was the age Kieron is now. It’s fun to look at our old posts and see how the boys have grown, and how their blueberry picking has evolved.

I can’t say any of them were much help this year. Don’t get me wrong, they picked plenty of blueberries, but most went in their bellies, not their buckets! Fortunately, they kept themselves occupied long enough for Daddy and I to collect a few pounds worth before Silas said it was time to go. All in all, a fun morning!

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Here’s the rest of what we were up to in July:

Covid broke us down and we bought a trampoline – something I always swore I would NEVER own. To be honest, it was money well spent. It keeps the kids entertained for hours and wears them out!

Avery loves it the most

Silas helping Jonathan change the hubs on the trailer

Our sweet next door neighbors gave us this squirrel feeder. Suki loves watching our visitors.

The squirrels attracted this cutie/Charlie Chaplin lookalike

Layla opening a Blume Doll

Swim team at The Club


Got together with my high school friend, Jamie at The Attic


As punishment for picking on his brothers one day I made Avery copy the first few paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. He was a good sport about it.

Learning her letters

Another good Covid purchase – ping pong table!

Picking blueberries with my big boy

Homeschool curriculu

A visit from Grammy and Papa

Kieron at horse riding camp with the animals

This bunny!

On Lake Sammamish

At Layla’s friend, Maggie’s 4th birthday party

More swim team

My days

Swim team, 2020

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Blueberry Season

July means blueberries! We were excited for the season to start so we could head back to Bybee Farms to replenish our blueberry supply. We picked fifteen pounds in one afternoon. As I write this, it’s about time to head back for some more!

Good workers!
DSC01291  DSC01313 DSC01319 DSC01332

This one about ate his weight in blueberries that day!

Miss cooperative slept while we pickedDSC01351

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Cousin Swap 2015

It’s become a summer tradition for Avery and Nicole to swap houses for one week each summer. With only ten months between Avery and Andrew, they have a blast together. And the boys and I love having Nicole around. Here are a few pics from our visit.

We went to Bellingham one weekend. Here we are enjoying Mallard Ice Cream.

It was Pride weekend while we were there, so we stopped by the local festival. Nicole really wanted one of those rainbow tails.

Here we are blueberry picking at Bybee Farm. Nicole is a great helper!

Tossing blueberries to one another
IMG_7078 IMG_7079

Nicole (and I) always enjoy playing with my old dance costumes when she’s here. Kieron was up for some fun too!

IMG_7088  IMG_7092

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Blueberry Picking

Grammy and Papa came to visit at the end of July. Here are some pics from our afternoon picking blueberries.  We picked a great day to go. The weather was perfect, and we ended up with a ton of berries!











Notice what a hard worker Kieron is!



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