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Grammy’s Birthday

For Grammy’s birthday we met up at the L.A. Fitness parking lot in Covington to visit from a social distance. It was great to see her and Papa, even if we couldn’t hug. The white parking space lines served as perfect markers for the kids to keep their distance.

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Jonathan’s 40th!

We celebrated Jonathan’s 40th birthday at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, due to quarantine he didn’t get to do the things originally hoped to do for his birthday. That included yoga during the day, dinner out, and possibly a trip this summer to celebrate both of our 40th’s. He did get to take most of the day off, although with a the kids at home and school to do, it wasn’t quite the same as it would have been sans quarantine. We got Zeek’s pizza for dinner had boiled chocolate cake and opened presents. Here’s to making 41 more eventful! We love you, Jonathan, and wish you a very happy 40th!


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Here’s some of what we were up to in March, the month when everything changed. Most of this is pre-quarantine.

Avery played JV basketball up until school closed. He’s the guy behind the black #5.

Phoebe with on a trail walk with her buddies, Mako & Josie.

Yoshi, keeping Jonathan’s spot warm for him.

Stopping to smell the flowers

Someone wanted to try on my old pointe shoes.

Watch day at Layla’s class. It also turned out to be her last lesson of the season.

With Harper

Time to switch into those tap shoes, girls!

Practicing for their recital.

Free time at the end

Grabbed lunch together on the way home. Ah, back when we could still eat in restaurants.

Pre-social distancing

Celebrating my friend Niki’s birthday. It was supposed to be a night out on the town. Instead it was game night at her house – and the last night with a group of ladies for a while. I went to 5th-high school with Jessica, the girl on the left. We hadn’t seen each other since graduation. It was so fun catching up!

Silas and Yoshi

Preschool pics

I love it when Phoebe sits like this!

Yoshi is so tall!

Last time skiing before the mountain closed

This is how she eats her trail mix. She’s so my daughter!

Snowshoeing with Mason

Mount Si, looking beautiful

Future yoga teacher?

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Below is some of what we’ve been up to in the first couple weeks of homeschool:

1st Day of Homeschool with Mrs. King!

This pic is from our planning meeting the Friday prior. The kids were all involved in making the schedule.

Handwriting practice

P.E. with Avery

Our pantry door/command center

Spelling practice

Language Arts

Lexia or Typing

Apparently leprechauns don’t have to social distance. Here’s the kids making traps.

Omg, they came!

And they got away! But they left candy.

Zoom piano lessons

More P.E. with Avery


Math – the old school way

Yep, this is me. I really wanted to be into Common Core, but after eight years of it, I still don’t see how it’s better than the way we learned.

Art with Mo Willems

Silas has been a huge help with Avery in his Digital Media class.

Zoom circle time. That’s Layla’s good buddy, Angelo, on the screen

She was tickled seeing all her classmates!

I needed some surprises up my sleeve to entertain Layla while I spent so much time with her brothers. She got a few Disney Princes and Princesses from an older friend.

I did some book swapping with mom friends since the library was closed.

Yoga practice

Got out the old bin of Beanie Babies for some entertainment

Layla’s Play and Learn kit from her preschool

Circle time with Ms. Claire

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Avery the Teenager!

We have a quaranteenager in the house now! Avery celebrated his thirteenth birthday at the end of March. Shortly after we planned his party and sent out invitations the country started shutting down and it looked increasing likely we might have to postpone. He had planned a “fancy” pizza party at the golf club for a dozen of his nearest and dearest. We waited, held our breath, and prepared Avery for bad news. On March 16 the governor closed all restaurants and bars throughout the state and expanded social gathering limits. Thank you, Jay Inslee, for making the call and getting Mom and Dad off the hook!

Avery is such a trooper. He took it in stride, and if he was disappointed, he didn’t show it. We celebrated his birthday with surprise Easter buns for breakfast. (Currants are very hard to come by these days, but we managed.) Instead of cake he wanted ice cream, and requested to have it at every meal. Our vegetarian health nut got what he asked for.

In the afternoon we had a repeat of Avery’s twelfth birthday and went to the Fisher Creek bike park where we let the kids ride around on bikes. He heard from a number of friends on his birthday which made him feel special.

At thirteen, Avery is sweet, smart, responsible, steadfast, a serious student and a goofy son. He loves his siblings, being outdoors, being active, and is always impressing us with what a genuinely good kid he is. It is so fun being his parents! Happy birthday, Avery Liam. We love you!

Easter buns!

Birthday spanks

Salad for lunch

Riding back home

Watching parkour videos on YouTube

He’s only 1/2″ shorter than me now! (And his voice is dropping!)

Next to the clock at 9:01 AM, the time of  his birth.

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