Grammy’s Birthday

We went to Grammy and Papa’s in April for part of spring break and brought Grammy back with us for a while. Papa came to celebrate her birthday at our place. We had a lot of fun catching up. Happy birthday, Grammy!

Birthday pedicures

We had a visit with Caroline and Clare

Ping pong!

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Silas in Hockey

Silas  started hockey early in the year. He loved it and kept at it for months. It was so fun watching him improve on the ice and play a sport he enjoyed so much.

Unfortunately, we discovered at his latest cardiologist checkup at the end of summer, that Silas’ condition has progressed more than we would like. Nothing crazy serious, but his doctor said he should not do isometric sports. And she said she he should stop hockey.

I was so sad to break the news to him. Lucky for us, Silas had a good attitude about it. Although he loves the speed part of skating, he was very clear he did not want to do figure skating when I floated the idea as a possibility. We’ll just get him to open skate to play around sometimes. He is going to give basketball another try.

At Stick and Puck with Bode

Red face!

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Easter & Jonathan’s Birthday

Nana came to visit for Jonathan’s 42nd birthday and Easter. We had a great visit.

Kieron’s last baby tooth!

Opening Easter baskets from Nana

Ping pong time

We took Jenny to The Club one afternoon

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Here’s the rest of what we were up to in March. Jonathan found this barred owl in the woods by Carmichael Park.

Lunch date at The Boarding House with Caroline

Popcorn and movie night

Jonathan and I made a new table for the Legos

Caroline got a new puppy Arthur

We got a new outdoor sectional

Avery got a new desk

Finishing up repairs on our water damage

Avery helped Jonathan install new flooring at a neighbor’s house

The elk

Walking Deep Creek with the kids

Boy Scouts

The view from The Club

Watching Nicole’s volleyball game

Found a toy Frenchie at Target and used a Sharpie to make it look like Phoebe

Blume Doll babies – you put them in water to reveal pink or blue diapers. Layla got three boys!

Such a sad month for Kieron. His best friend, Louis, moved to Rhode Island. They spent a lot of time together the month before their move.

The kids forts in the woods (near the barred owl)

Recital costumes are in!

Puppy playdate

Yoshi was quite interested in the kids leprechaun trap

We borrowed this hilarious contraption from Caroline to try out

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I feel like getting our Covid vaccines was such a momentous occasion, it deserved its own post. Jonathan and I were anxious to get ours and to help protect our family and community. As we all know, when the vaccines first came out they were a bit hard to get. The Snoqualmie Tribe teamed up with local fire departments to host a few vaccination events and opened their doors to all local eligible adults back in March. They even had care packages and a photo booth! We are so grateful to them for putting this together and helping protect our community.

Jonathan, waiting the 15 minutes post vaccine

Me waiting

We got our buttons!

The care package

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