Autumn Days

Fall is in full swing, the leaves are changing color, and the trees are brilliant shades of gold, orange, and fiery red. While enough leaves are still on the trees to make them look full and pretty, piles are accumulating on the ground, beckoning little kids to shuffle through and throw them about. There is fun to be had! Fall is such a pretty season, especially in the northwest, but I think even more so here in Snoqualmie. The colors of fall are striking in contrast to the blues and grays of the mountains and fog, and the lush greenery our region is known for. Yes, there is much rain to contend with, but it’s pretty even when it’s raining, and when it’s not, we get outside and enjoy all the northwest has to offer.

Kieron loves being outside! He’s learned the word “shoes” and will repeat it over and over when he wants to go out. When it’s raining, I say “I’m sorry babe, look, it’s raining, we can’t go outside right now.” But despite his usually mild manner, he can be quite stubborn. He will not take no for an answer. So sometimes I take him to the window, or even just outside the door, so he can feel that it is indeed raining. And when I bring him back in thinking this must be the proof he needs, he bursts into angry tears and makes his way into the coat closet where his shoes are kept. He goes inside, closes the door, and continues his pity party alone, poor little guy. Needless to say, I get him out as often as the weather and our schedule permit.

Avery is a busy boy between preschool, dance, and now swimming twice a week. He’s such a talkative, imaginative little guy, and is always cracking us up saying funny things. This past week he’s insisted on sleeping in his tent at the foot of his bed. Jonathan and I joke to each other that he’s “occupying” his room as part of the 99%. I can’t believe this is comfortable for him, but he seems to be getting a better night’s sleep down there.

I love pictures of toddlers checking out nature

Sharing the sandbox

At times they play quite sweetly

20 weeks

Brothers in coordinating PJ’s

Reading a story at bedtime (Kieron gets really antsy)

We peek in on the boys each night before heading to bed. This is what we found at the foot of Avery’s bed one night

And here’s our little Kieron sleeping

Jonathan got an iPad for his birthday, but it’s the little boys who get the most use out of it

My secret to getting veggies into a toddler who doesn’t eat veggies:

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