Back to School

It’s September, and today I took our youngest to his first day of preschool. All of my dear, sweet boys were learning and being well-taken care of, and I had a couple hours to myself to do WHATEVER I WANTED! So I headed straight to hot yoga! It was glorious! I went into a hot room and just breathed and stretched.

I love summer. I look forward to summer every year! But by the end of summer, with three little energetic boys in the house all day, every day, I start to get a little twitchy!

A few things really struck me this year as school started:

  1. I was verklempt when Kieron got on the school bus for the first time. When Avery started kindergarten, I was just excited, but this time I was a little bit sad and conflicted. I think it’s because I know now what the start of school means. To me it’s the official beginning of letting go. He will be gone for at least 1/3 of the day, every day (except summer and breaks) until he leaves home. Sniff.
  2. I realized how lucky my boys are to have siblings close in age. And I felt a little jealous. My brother is ten years older, so we never got to experience this stuff – getting on the bus together, looking for each other in the halls, knowing each others’ friends. We didn’t have sibling rivalry either, but these are the things I feel we missed out on.
  3. It was very quiet in the house with Avery and Kieron at school. A little too quiet (yes, even with SIlas, who never stops talking, at home). It’s a little nice and a little too quiet.

Avery’s first day of 3rd grade


With my school boys!IMG_5351

I offered to get him a new backpack this year (since we were ordering Kieron’s anyway) but he said he wanted to keep using the one he’s had since kindergarten. I’m glad!

Boarding the bus. We had a very cranky driver the past two years, so we were delighted to see someone new sitting in the driver’s seat. She smiles, talks to the kids, and plays music.

This year Avery and his BFF, Hayden, are in class together. Coincidentally, there is another Avery and also another Hayden in their class, both girls.

Avery at lunch with Dalton & Hayden

Kieron’s first day of kindergarten
IMG_5372 IMG_5373 IMG_5375

When he picked out his backpack, he was trying to decide between Star Wars & Construction Trucks. I was so glad when he decided on the trucks, it’s so much cuter!

Waiting for the bus with his buddy, Louis.


He drew this family portrait before his first day of school

First packed lunch

After seeing both his big brothers start school, Silas was more than ready for his first day!
IMG_5386 IMG_5393 IMG_5401 IMG_5405

In front of his preschool. He was so excited to go in, but then he cried when it was time to say goodbye. What a cutie!

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