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Christmas Eve 2017

It all started out with a little baking… (I think this was actually the day before).

“It’s The Avery’s of Pullman are here! Yessss!”

Now time to frost the cookies

Opening one present early

Christmas Eve is also the anniversary of the day this guy asked me to marry him! Fifteen years ago today. So glad I said “yes”!

The granddaughters

Andrew and Avery in the bar

Oh boy, look at them all!

Time for “The Dice Game”!

Layla got the hang of it pretty quick

A little kerfuffle erupted toward the end…

In the end, Jonathan got the big prize

Now onto some ping pong!

Time for the mama’s to rest and let the kids play

Look who showed up!

Layla was not so sure she wanted anything to do with Santa

Our best shot at a photo of all the kids with Santa

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

And then…

Nana & Grammy outdid themselves!

Do you think we overdid it?

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Maui 2017 Part II

We took so many pictures in Hawaii, I had to split the post up! We went to the Marriott in Wailea that we stayed at a few years ago for the last couple days. Since then they completely redid the pool, and it now has several huge waterslides and an awesome kid pool, which they keep pretty warm. It was perfect for our family, with kids spanning ages 1-10.

Avery & Kieron could hardly wait to go down the big slides. One of them went in loops, and the other had a steep drop.

Tentatively saying “hello” to the turtle

They even had a couple smaller slides for Silas that went into shallower water. It was great, because then he didn’t feel left out of the waterslide thrills.

Layla with Daddy

More slides

Layla & Mommy

Just hanging out

And before we knew it, it was time to head home. Until next time, Maui!

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Dog Days of Summer

Here are a few more photos of the rest of what we were up as summer wound down:

Dinner on the deck


At Lake Padden

Look who found the peanut butter jar in the recycle!

At Rocket Donuts

Layla with her purse


Outside Rumors Cabaret

At Boundary Bay

Random cute sleeping baby photo

Premera Blue Cross filmed a commercial at our old house in August

Wearing her safari outfit & holding binoculars!

Playing Peek-a-boo under Kieron’s bed

Loving on Kieron’s animals while he’s away

Blue Friday

Another afternoon at Boundary


The boys with their Build-a-Bear animals


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Sunny August

Despite the smokey days, we did still have a few sunny, clear days, and they were glorious!

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We celebrated fourteen years of marriage on August 16th! Here are a few photos from our date night. We started out at the marina, moved on to Fairhaven, and ended up at a local brewery, Wander.

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