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Kieron Turns 7!

Sweet Kieron turned “lucky seven” this Cinco de Mayo. He’s matured a lot this year and is such a smart, fun, sensitive little kid. He loves to play outdoors, read, cook, do science projects, and tell jokes. He’s doing Cub Scouts and karate this year, but is considering trading one in for parkour or swimming. Kieron is strong and brave, practical, and a bit sneaky. Sometimes his brothers get on his nerves, but so far his little sister has his heart! He wants to be a forest ranger or a chef when he grows up.

We celebrated his birthday a week early with a pool party

Jackson, Isaac, Elijah, Kieron, Louis, Liam, Avery, & Silas

Birthday morning breakfast order: waffles!

Looking dapper in his new glasses

Silas got Kieron a Nexo Knight

Avery got him a cool nerf gun

And Mom and Dad got him his own Kindle Paperwhite

Apparently Jonathan isn’t the only one who likes Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake. Now Kieron and Avery ask for it too!

Heading out to the local Nerf War that evening

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Layla – 7 Months Old

Layla turned seven months old this week. She sits up on her own now and is almost slithering and crawling, but not quite there yet. She is a good little eater and is growing fast. She’s quite social, and very expressive. She can say ma ma, da da, ba (bath), mmmm (milk) & A-eee (Avery).

Silas took a few pics of his little sis

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Layla – 6 Months Old

Guess what happened while we were in Hawaii?! — Layla turned six months old! So after we got home and unpacked, I whipped out the camera for a quick photo shoot. She was a little tired at the time and I was feeling the holiday rush, but we managed to get some cute shots. Here’s our cutie-patootie.

At six months old Layla has found her voice… and it is LOUD. She is still pretty go-with-the-flow, although she has no problem letting you know what she wants. She loves talking to people and ADORES her big brothers.

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Railroad Days

In min-August we went to the annual pancake breakfast at the fire station followed by Railroad Days in downtown Snoqualmie. The weather was beautiful and warm, we saw lots of friends, and enjoyed a yummy breakfast we didn’t have to cook!

Hayden, Sebastian, Avery & Kieron

The boys touring the firetruck

We marched in the parade with our State Senator, Mark Mullet. He owns Zeek’s Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s in Issaquah (which we are known to frequent) and is running for re-election. We helped out with his campaign four years ago, and although things have been a little too hectic at our house to volunteer as much this year, we were happy to join him at the parade. We told him this was the last time we would supply a baby though! 😉

A family affairimg_8632

Her first involvement in local politics

Candy passer-outers
IMG_0815 IMG_0818

Me & JacquiIMG_0819

Little boys love trains! #BringbacktheMullet

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Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy has been busy lately. And we should know, she’s been at our house a lot lately. On this particular night pictured below, Avery pulled out not one, but two of his molars!IMG_0599

Same pj’s another nightIMG_0700

For a few nights Avery worked on extracting Kieron’s very stubborn two front teeth. We were impressed at both how cooperative and trusting Kieron was, and how serious Avery was.
2016-08-03 21.47.29

Eventually Kieron’s stragglers, which had been hanging on for dear life, making him resemble an alpaca with snaggle teeth, FINALLY kicked the bucket. He lost his first front tooth one night, and the other the next. We were all relieved when they finally went. IMG_0758 IMG_0759

Ultimately Daddy wiggled them loose with a little iPhone distractionIMG_0763

Happy boy can bite again without wincing!IMG_0765

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