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Layla’s First Day of Preschool

And just like that it’s time for Layla to start preschool. (Well, technically it’s called playgroup, and is only for two hours, twice a week.) She started in Mrs. Beth’s class at the end of August and has three friends, Addi, Knox, and Kampbell, in class with her. She loves it!

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Neighborhood BBQ

At the end of summer our neighborhood got together for a shindig on the beach. We had a potluck BBQ, relay race, games, and lots of good company. Here’s the view looking back at the beach from the water:

Jonathan, Kieron, and Jeff setting up some Jenga

We had a relay race. Here are a couple of the boys doing the kayak leg

Ianthe and I lost the peddleboat leg by a mile! I think we had too much weight in the back!

This was a cool team-building exercise! Two long boards of wood that the group had to “walk” with all in unison

Layla & Atticus

Nana & Layla

Chris Reynolds, a childhood friend of Nana’s, here all the way from Westport, NZ. The boys adored him! Here he is trying to teach Silas to tie his shoes.

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More from the Move

Here are a few more pictures from the days following our move. It was an exhausting, emotional roller coaster, and a ton of work, but we got through it!

The boys eating breakfast in the unfurnished family room on the first morning.

A deer visitor wonders what happened to all the tall grass

“Yay! The piano is here!”

I felt sorry for the poor movers when they had to carry the play set around the back yard and set it up. Here’s Layla supervising.

I’m glad we had them do it though. The boys were on it in a hurry.

Unfortunately, not everything fit in the moving trucks, so we had to make a couple trips back up to get our remaining belongings. Here’s the kids last meal at the old house.

Buddha was belted in the U-Haul.

Back at the new house. Avery’s inaugural jump in the lake!

Jonathan with his coffee before departing on his 15 minute commute to a real office! No PJ’s today!

Our sweet neighbors hosted a s’mores party to welcome us to the neighborhood

Layla with the tiger

Playing in the backyard

Best toy ever and we had a house full of them!

“Organizing” her clothes. Love the ruffle butt.

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Kieron Turns 7!

Sweet Kieron turned “lucky seven” this Cinco de Mayo. He’s matured a lot this year and is such a smart, fun, sensitive little kid. He loves to play outdoors, read, cook, do science projects, and tell jokes. He’s doing Cub Scouts and karate this year, but is considering trading one in for parkour or swimming. Kieron is strong and brave, practical, and a bit sneaky. Sometimes his brothers get on his nerves, but so far his little sister has his heart! He wants to be a forest ranger or a chef when he grows up.

We celebrated his birthday a week early with a pool party

Jackson, Isaac, Elijah, Kieron, Louis, Liam, Avery, & Silas

Birthday morning breakfast order: waffles!

Looking dapper in his new glasses

Silas got Kieron a Nexo Knight

Avery got him a cool nerf gun

And Mom and Dad got him his own Kindle Paperwhite

Apparently Jonathan isn’t the only one who likes Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake. Now Kieron and Avery ask for it too!

Heading out to the local Nerf War that evening

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Layla – 7 Months Old

Layla turned seven months old this week. She sits up on her own now and is almost slithering and crawling, but not quite there yet. She is a good little eater and is growing fast. She’s quite social, and very expressive. She can say ma ma, da da, ba (bath), mmmm (milk) & A-eee (Avery).

Silas took a few pics of his little sis

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