Cabin Fever

Ever since we returned from Hawaii we’ve been stuck inside. There have been a few days without snow, but for the most part of the past week there has been snow and ice. I’ve been getting a lot done at work since many of my co-workers aren’t making it into work, which translates into fewer interruptions. Since I work from home I can’t really use that excuse 😉
Lindsey and Avery made it to playgroup this week in between snow storms, but aside from that and a couple errands they haven’t left the house. We took Avery out in the snow a few times. He doesn’t like to get down in the snow, but he does enjoy dancing around in his snowsuit and rubber boots.
We’re expecting a big windstorm in a couple hours which is likely to knock out the power. On the news they’re saying we could be in the dark for up to three days. Fortunately, we’re more prepared than we were two years ago. We invested in a generator, so at least we’ll be able to keep the espresso machine running. Whew.
Avery likes loves Elmo.

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