Santa + Reindeer

Today we took Avery up to the Cougar Mountain Zoo to see Santa and his reindeer. It was a great day to visit because with the snow there was hardly anyone there, and it felt like we were at the north pole (only with tigers too).
Avery was indifferent to Santa, but did get close enough for a few pictures. Santa looked a bit older than two years ago when Commodus visited with him.
The reindeer were a big hit with Avery. We fed them apples. The one with the biggest antlers tended to get most of the apples, but we tried to be be fair.

“Yes Santa, I’ve been good this year. I’d like clothes and jewelry.”

“Trucks and diggers for me, please.”

Psssst, little boy, give me some apples.

Throwing apples.

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