Back to the Beach

We spent a few days in the beginning of August at Nana and Grandpa’s place on the Oregon coast. Avery was so excited to go, he packed his backpack in the morning all by himself. Of course, all he packed was toys, but Mommy helped him sort it all out. When we got there Avery could hardly contain himself while we unpacked the van. The wait must have seemed like an eternity to him, but it wasn’t long before our feet hit the sand and he was busy building castles and fishing with a small net.

Avery loves to play in this creek that leads to the ocean

Avery had fun demolishing this sand kingdom

Then he started to rebuild his own

Waiting for pizza with Grandpa

Haystack Rock

Avery climbed about halfway up this sand dune and ran down with us

Hugging Nana

Mr. Smiley

Hunting for treasures

On our last evening at the beach, Nana and Grandpa watched Kieron so we could have some time outside with just Avery. The clouds cleared and the sky was so pretty. We ended up taking a ton of pictures. This is the least I could reduce it to:

In front of Proposal Rock

Saying “hello” to the starfish

Waiting for a wave…


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