Halloween 2010

This was the best Halloween to date! The festivities started with our traditional stop at Trick or Truck. Avery had a great time visiting with friends and checking out the various big rigs. After that we rushed home and prepared a quick dinner. Then Avery and Daddy headed out for some trick-or-treating while Kieron napped and Mommy handed out candy. Once Kieron woke up, we met up and finished going around the block.

The real fun started when we all got home and it was Avery’s turn to hand out candy. By this time he had a little sugar-high going. Every time the doorbell rang, Avery yelled “They’re here! They’re here!” He jumped up and down, grabbed two fists full of candy, and sprinted to the door. When Mommy or Daddy opened it, Avery exclaimed “Happy Halloween!” As he distributed the candy, he asked each trick-or-treater if they would come back to play with him and if they would go to Costco with him on Sunday. And he said a bunch of other things too, whatever else came to his mind. He was really on a roll, and we were in stitches!

Our little firefighter

With Jackson at Trick or Truck

“I love candy!”

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