We had a busy February. The month was full of winter colds, yoga practices, birthday and housewarming parties, play dates and snow storms. We did manage to fit in a trip to the Seattle Aquarium to use our Groupon tickets. It was a windy, rainy day, and it seemed like everyone else had the same idea.

The month ended with Avery catching the flu, Kieron rupturing an eardrum, and Mommy going stir crazy. Fortunately everyone is healthy (for now) and we plan to get out of the house a lot next week!

At Starbucks in Seattle

We had to get caffeinated before heading to the…

Seattle Aquarium

Avery’s favorite part was the sharks, but he was hoping to see some bigger ones

Kieron got a kick out of it

Avery observing an octopus

On Superbowl Sunday morning

Random cute sighting at our house: Avery’s “Commodus” dog on a leash enjoying a snack.

The brothers chillin’ on the couch

Avery and his good friend Brianna (he’s told us he’s going to marry her)

Playing at Filipe and Tiago’s birthday party

Their mom decorated this amazing cake

Kieron in his room

Kieron is now “cruising” on furniture. And Avery is working on sharing toys with his little brother.

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