January at the King House

Today is February 1st. It appears the entire month of January slipped by without a blog post. So what have we been up to? Because of my supreme lack of short-term memory, which I blame on motherhood and a general lack of deep sleep, I will refer to my calendar: Play dates, baby showers (coincidentally all for boys), visits with friends, home repair projects (a built-in cabinet in our mudroom), and hot yoga classes. Then at the end of the month we travelled to Texas, but there will be more on that in the following post.

Poor Kieron has been in teething hell for the past month. He has two teeth on the bottom which appeared while we were in Hawaii, and this month four on top showed up all at once. Overall he’s so easy going and cheerful, but the teething can make him pretty cranky at times. Oh well, he’s such a good baby, we really can’t complain, poor little guy.

With Kieron changing so much, it’s easy to forget how much Avery is growing and changing as well. Last week I looked at some pictures from back when Kieron was born, and that’s when I noticed how much Avery has changed. He’s much taller and boyish looking now. It’s cute, but makes me sentimental. He has a very vivid imagination and is always playing dress-up and making up some fantastic story or another.

Here are some pics from the past month. The first few were taken by Avery, our budding photographer.


Avery and his friends, Preston & Ashlyn

Avery likes to stay up reading before going to sleep. He loves his new reading lamp.

Kieron in his high chair

We have very similar pics of Avery at about the same age

Kieron in the tub

He loves bath time, and this starfish is his favorite bath toy

Tickling the ivories

I love this picture

Daddy gives Kieron a mani/pedi

Mommy cuts Avery’s hair

Avery making faces in Kieron’s jacket

Kieron at the bakery (he’s outgrown his hat)

Avery outside Caffe Lladro

The boys at bath time. They have so much fun!

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