Kieron the One-Year-Old!

Ay ay ay! On Cinco-de-Mayo our little Kieron turned one! What can I say that doesn’t sound like a total cliche? It seems like just yesterday… It’s hard to believe… How time flies by… They grow up so fast… Well, you know what I’m trying to say!

Our first few days with Kieron were so magical. Nestled in the safe confines of the birthing center with all the sweet nurses who constantly checked on us, changed his diapers, and remarked, “what a cute baby!” I basked in the glory of new-motherhood. There was nothing to worry about except for taking care of this precious, sweet little gift. He was so cute and helpless, and when he cried, he made a sorrowful “laaa” noise that sounded like he was singing.

So how do I sum up Kieron at one year old? I’m generalizing here, but at this point, Avery is my shy, sensitive boy with the engineering brain. Kieron is more of a brut and a bruiser… and a flirt. He likes to make noise by banging things together, he has an insatiable appetite, and when he hears music, he can’t help but move to the beat. He’s so easygoing, but he likes to get into everything. When Avery was a baby and would get into something he shouldn’t, I’d simply redirect him and he was fine with it. Kieron however, is a little bit more determined, so this tactic doesn’t go as smoothly. He still doesn’t crawl or walk. His main methods of moving are bottom scooting, cruising along furniture, and walking behind his push car. Sometimes he “army crawls.” His main words are “da” (daddy) ga (give me, or I want) “baaa” (bath), and “mmm mmm!” When he eats, he repeats the latter over and over between bites. He even says it with both fists up for extra emphasis. His new favorite place to hang out is in front our our toy kitchen. He opens every cupboard, pulls everything out, and usually ends up waving a toy whisk and mixing spoon. Maybe he’s a future top chef?

Grammy and Papa came out from Texas for Kieron’s birthday. We had a small family celebration complete with tacos, cupcakes, and fake mustaches. I was a little surprised that Kieron wasn’t keen on the funfetti cupcakes, but I’m sure that will all change by next year. Happy birthday Kieron! We love you so much!

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