Dad is Rad

Jonathan and Avery went on a couple of special outings at the end of summer. A few weeks ago they attended their first Seahawks game together. We’re not much of a sports family – never watch games at home – so this was pretty foreign to Avery, not to mention a little noisy/overstimulating. Overall, he seemed to have fun just being out with Dad. Although Jonathan reported later that when they left (right before half-time, Avery was getting tired), he said to Avery, “I had a good time at the game with you,” to which Avery replied, “I didn’t.” Wow, brutal honesty.

The following weekend Jonathan took Avery on his first camping adventure. We surprised him after preschool with a sign that read “We’re going camping!” We sounded it out with him, and his reaction when he finished the last word was so incredibly cute. Shock, excitement, followed by, “let me go get my flashlight!”

They left on a Friday afternoon, and planned to stay one night, two if things went well. Fortunately, Avery was in good hands with his father, the Eagle Scout, and he rated this experience far better than the football game, so they stayed until Sunday. The pair had a blast hiking, exploring, building campfires, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, telling ghost stories, and enjoying each other’s company. Plus, there was the added bonus that without cell reception, Daddy could not possibly be distracted by the iPhone. When it was time to come home, Avery tried to convince Daddy to stay a few extra nights, and even suggested that Daddy could bring his laptop and work from the campsite.

Heading out to their first Seahawks game together

“Camping is so much fun!”

With a railroad tie he found

Collecting wood for the fire

Expert s’more chef

Sunday morning

The boys say bye to Daddy before he leaves for work in the morning

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