Halloween 2011

This Halloween Avery and Kieron dressed up as a knight and a dragon. It worked out perfectly because I was already planning on breaking out Avery’s old dragon costume for Kieron. When I asked Avery what he wanted to be, I really thought he would say a pirate or a cowboy, but a knight it was. After a week, he still wanted to be a knight, so we went out and bought his costume (in early October). Well, another week passed and the next thing I know he’s telling everyone he’s going to be a pirate (oh great, this is what I get for being a good Mom and not procrastinating)! A few days before Halloween he changed his mind again (cowboy). Fortunately for me, on the big day he had landed back on knight again, whew!

We lucked out and got a dry Halloween, yay! Avery was the most galant knight I’ve ever seen, and Kieron was ridiculously cute as a little dragon. It’s amazing how fast the second-born catches onto things like trick-or-treating. He did the whole block with his big bro and seemed to love every minute of it. He scurried up sidewalks, reached into candy bowls with a wide open hand for optimal candy-grabbing, and then muttered “tank ya,” and hurried on to the next house.

After finishing the block, we retreated inside to dole out candy to the rest of the trick-or-treaters. The boys liked this part as much if not more than the actual trick-or-treating.

The boys carving pumpkins

Pumpkin guts!

“I wonder what they taste like… eeeeewww”

“See boys, this is how it’s done”

Heading out with Sir Avery and the ferocious dragon

Kieron caught on really quick

Avery and his buddy Hayden (Army man from Toy Story)

Looking for trick-or-treaters

Pumpkin designed by Avery

Here are a few shots from Avery’s preschool field trip to Remlinger Farm

His favorite part was the hay maze

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