February is almost over, and there are no snowstorms or power outages to report. This has been the month of parties. Four birthday parties, one Super Bowl party, one engagement party, and one “we’re having a baby party,” to be exact. Unfortunately, we forgot to take any pictures at our baby party, but I’ll let the pics below tell the story of what we’ve been up to the rest of the month:

Right after eating breakfast, Kieron looks forward to making coffee with Daddy every morning

Our little chef is big on helping out in the kitchen

Kieron moved into his big boy bed almost two weeks ago. The transition went surprisingly smoothly. At nap time he is still in his crib though because he gets up over and over again and Mommy is in no condition to be lifting him back into bed repeatedly.

Dancing to some tunes before dinner

Screaming “get away from me!”

And when that doesn’t work, throwing elbows (I just love the shirts they’re wearing in these pics)

We went to an engagement party last weekend. The groom rowed in college with Jonathan, and the party was at a rowing club on Lake Union, and much of the team was there. Avery and Kieron had a blast playing with Jim & Renee’s kids, Logan and Ali. We got some cute pics of them on the ergs.

Kieron spent a good portion of the evening at the cooler trying to get a beer

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