Texas 2012

At the end of June we flew to Texas for a visit. It was hot, hot hot while we were there, so we spent a lot of time in the pool. It was amazing to see how far Avery and Kieron have come at swimming. Avery can now get around the pool quite well by himself. He loved snorkeling, picking up dive sticks off the pool floor, and jumping in. Kieron is a fearless little two-year-old, and must be watched at all times! He never tired of jumping in, being dunked, and even attempting to swim underwater. It was great to see how into it he was, but also a little scary!

As usual, the cousins had a blast playing together. We had a couple of sleepovers, lots of pool play, and Grammy took Avery, Nicole, and Andrew to see Madagascar 3 at the theatre. There was even a trip to Lego Land. Here are some pictures from our trip:

Silas’ first dip in the pool


All the grandkids

Kieron loved the pool!

Tummy time

Date night! We went to our favorite Italian restaurant, Cafe Amore

The kids at breakfast

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