Halloween 2012

It was a fun Halloween this year, as always. Auntie Ashleigh and her boyfriend, Mark, came over for the week. It was so much fun to visit with them, and wonderful to have a couple extra sets of hands to help out. On Halloween they passed out candy with Silas while Jonathan and I took Avery and Kieron trick-or-treating.

We had visions of the brothers sweetly walking hand in hand to each door, but that’s not exactly how it went down. How naive of us! Avery was chomping at the bit to get from house to house, and Kieron just wasn’t fast enough to keep up. His firefighter hat kept slipping off, so he insisted on carrying it, along with his bag, which got increasingly heavy and difficult to lift. He wore firefighter rain boots, which made walking up porches precarious, so I spent most of the evening assisting him to the houses safely and slowly. Avery eventually met up with his buddy, Hayden, and they gleefully raced from house to house collecting candy and having sword/light saber fights in between. Jonathan took pictures and made sure Avery didn’t stray too far. As expected, Kieron tuckered out before Avery, so he and I headed home first. By the time we got to the house, there was a hole in his bag from being drug on the ground! Fortunately, no candy escaped. The boys each got to pass out a little candy at home before it was time for bed. The next day I offered to buy some back from them for a nickel a piece. They each earned $1.10 for their piggy banks and still had a lot (mostly chocolate) leftover. All in all, a successful holiday and many fun memories made!

Our pirate, monkey & firefighter

About to head out the door for trick-or-treating

Avery with his buddy, Hayden/Darth

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