This & That

Below is a random collection of photographs from this fall. I can’t help laughing looking through them. Our boys sure are silly, and a ton of fun to boot!

The boys waiting at the bus stop on the first day of school

Someone’s happy it’s meal time!

“Well excuse me!”

Silas in his towel

It doesn’t take long before his big brothers are beside him

One day when Avery was coloring, he asked me “Mommy, how do you spell Kieron?” So I helped him sound it out, and then when I came over to see what he’d made, it was the sign below. “Kieron” is on the bottom with a red X through it. There are also illustrations about keeping out. Wow, how sweet. Too bad Kieron doesn’t read. 😉

We had a visit from Grammy and Papa.

Their shirts don’t lie. They really make a ton of noise!

Avery eating more corn. “I will get this tooth out, I will!”

Silas teething. “I will get these teeth through, I will!”

Avery and Kieron are getting better at playing cooperatively together. Here’s proof:

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub!

And on a couch

The many expressions of Silas:

This is his “blue steel”

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