Thanksgiving 2012: The Year of Tofurkey

Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun. It was our first time celebrating one of the big holidays on our own! Although we missed our families, it was nice to do our own thing and have a low key holiday.

Since we didn’t have any company coming for dinner, we (I) decided it was the right year to try a vegan Thanksgiving. Poor Jonathan was not very happy about it, but he went along with it to keep the peace. We limit our meat consumption anyway, but recently I’ve been cutting back on animal products as much as possible. I don’t think Jonathan really thought I’d go through with it, but I bought the Tofurkey and remained adamant I did not want to see a bird a the table this year. Avery was on board – he can’t stand the sight of an animal carcass.

So how did it go? Well personally, I think Thanksgiving dinner is all about the sides, and those were fabulous. But don’t worry family, we won’t serve Tofurkey again. For the record, I am glad we tried it!

Our trio of boys – they’re so cute!

Our thankful trees. We each wrote something we are thankful for on a leaf and put it on our tree everyday. A fun tradition.

I love the way Si is looking at Kieron in this picture. He loves his big brothers!

Our Tofurkey.

Kieron helping in the kitchen.

At the table. Kieron sported his Indian hat, Avery wore a turkey hat.

Kieron LOVES sparkling cider! He was hitting it pretty hard!

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