Pumpkin Patch 2013

Grammy came out for a visit in early October, and we had a great time. I didn’t get my camera out enough, but we did bring it along on our trip to the pumpkin patch.
IMG_0298 IMG_0300
The boys loved this scarecrow
IMG_0306     IMG_0333  IMG_0336
Avery making silly faces
IMG_0349 IMG_0350
Daddy attempted to take a picture with Silas, but he wasn’t having it.
Our best attempts at a family shot.
IMG_0362-Edit-Edit IMG_0366-Edit  IMG_0372
Checking out a worm they found
IMG_0376 IMG_0377
I love this pic! That face just melts my heart!
And another funny one of Avery (who was prepared for very cold weather).

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