Salmon Days 2013

We took the boys to the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival in early October. We got out of the house a little late that morning, and then realized shortly after driving away from the house, that neither of us had consumed enough coffee yet. So when we got to Issaquah, we navigated around the streets that were closed for the festival, trying to make our way to one of our favorite coffee shops (because, you know, not just anything will do for us. Starbucks, or Charbucks, as we call it, just doesn’t cut it). Finally we get to the shop, wait in line for our coffee, and are ready to take on Salmon Days with our three little darlings. And I have to say, crowded festivals just aren’t that fun anymore. Not with three people under four feet tall, one of whom is in a stroller. We caught part of the parade, which Avery enjoyed, but Kieron was feeling sensitive to all the loud noise, honking, and marching bands. We meandered through the crowds and booths, but the boys were too short to see anything, and we were just happy to get through with all three of them. The highlight was leaving to get pizza at Zeek’s, a local favorite of ours. Not sure if we’ll go to Salmon Days next year, maybe we’ll just go watch the salmon jump on a weekday!

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