Late February

This was a fun day. We’d originally planned on going to the zoo, but it was too rainy out. So we decided to visit the Fremont Troll with the boys, who had never seen it before. Then we ate burgers at Red Mill and headed to the Pacific Science Center. We stayed there for a long time, and decided we weren’t going to go home until it was time to put the boys in bed. So once we got hungry again, we walked to McMenamins for dinner. We finally returned home with three tired boys who happily went to bed!

I love days like this, where we throw caution to the wind, decide it’s okay to let Silas skip a nap every once in a while, and go where the day takes us!

Hey boys, do you want to see a troll under a bridge?

At the Pacific Science Center

Movie Night, watching Frozen

Silas and his line of cars. I think this boy loves cars even more than the other two!

Playing so sweetly together

Did you know that you can play telephone with the storm drains? So much fun!

Avery and Liam

Who cares if it’s only 55 out? It’s sunny! Let’s have a picnic!

My baby’s last night as a one-year-old


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